The Importance of Foundation Plants


Foundation plants get their name because they are often used to cover exposed concrete foundation of buildings. Of course, not all homes have an exposed concrete foundation, but they might still benefit from foundation plants. This article explains why you should consider adding foundation plants to your landscaping, and a few great species to consider. The Importance of Foundation Plants Foundation plans can serve multiple purposes, even if your home doesn't have an exposed concrete foundation.

27 September 2017

Four Benefits Of DIY Drip Irrigation For Your Garden


Plants require plenty of water and sunshine for photosynthesis, but too much sun and not enough water can spell disaster for your garden. The sun can scorch their leaves if they are not adequately hydrated and in some cases, shaded. This can lead to plant stress, which leaves them vulnerable to pests and disease, and their leaves less able to produce nutrients. Protecting your garden from the various things that can hurt them can be a full-time job, but you can reduce you work by installing a do-it-yourself irrigation system.

14 June 2017

Organic Mulching Solutions For Your Garden


Mulch offers many benefits to gardens by providing them with good moisture retention and also gives flower beds and landscaping a nice appearance. You can find mulch at most home improvement or lawn and garden stores where it's typically made of shredded rubber or wood and chemically treated with different colors to give you a variety of options for your garden. If you'd rather use all natural mulch, there are lots of great materials you can utilize that can be found and harvested outside, cost less, and will be less harmful to your plants and the soil.

6 May 2016

Conservation Tips For Garden Irrigation


The garden or lawn is no place to waste water, even if you don't live in an area plagued by drought. Proper irrigation does more than just save water. Avoiding water overuse ensures the ground doesn't become so wet that root rot becomes a concern. Wet foliage can also be more prone to plant disease. The following tips will help you irrigate properly for plant health and make the most of the water you do use.

6 April 2016

5 Ways To Get Your Backyard In Shape For A Beautiful Spring Wedding


Hosting a spring wedding in your backyard can be a great way to save money compared to renting out a venue and will give your wedding a personal look that you, your partner, and your guests should all enjoy. Before the date of your wedding arrives, however, it's a good idea to look into what kinds of projects you can tackle in your backyard to make it the perfect location for your wedding.

8 March 2016

4 Ways To Incorporate A Shade Structure In Your Landscaping


Getting a shade structure installed in your backyard can be a great way to provide some much-needed escape from the sun during the warmer months of the year. While a shade structure, such as a canopy or awning, can be beneficial for protecting your skin and creating a good space for entertaining guests, it may not fit in with the rest of your landscaping. If you want your shade structure to look like a natural addition to the rest of your yard, consider the following tips.

3 February 2016

Keep Your Driveway Easy To Shovel Before Any Snow Falls This Winter


Getting out of the garage can be a time-consuming activity if you do not make any preparations to get rid of snow, especially if you need to move your car early in the morning for work or school. While you cannot control the weather and how much snow you receive, you can put in some effort to get your driveway and the surrounding area prepared for the downfall of snow.

2 November 2015